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Gail Forrest

Wow, the men who have been suffering from menopause, because of menopausal women in their lives are finally allowed to speak out?  They can actually tell stories of sweaty beds with the windows open in 20 below temperatures? Whereas they used to have impromptu sex on the kitchen table it now requires an appointment, a pill and an ample supply of gels?

They can describe the frustration of having to go back home on the way to meet their boss for dinner because their wife can't stop crying?  Why we can't remember sex?  Why has the sweet love of our life and kind mother of our children has turned into an unpredictable, screaming bitch? 

We can now let out all our frustrations without fear of retaliation?  Is that what "The Men's Room" means?   I have nothing to say...

                                                                                                                                     - anonymous in Barrington Hill, IL

The Men's Room: "At Last, a Men's Room"