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4. What's next for you and Gonepausal?

1.  What was your inspiration for Gonepausal, the blog?

I would love to see gonepausal become a TV sit-com.  I think baby boomer women deserve to be recognized as a smart, funny, current and relevant generation.  We can’t relate to the “Sex and the City” girls or the women of the “Golden Girls” and need a show/platform of our own to share with like other minded/aged women and there are millions of us ready to watch and laugh.

I would also like to see gonepausal generate a big conversation among peri-menopausal and post menopausal women.  I’d like everyone to chime in the fun and tell their stories.

3. What's been the most satisfying part of writing Gonepausal?

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Now I had a blog!  Coincidentally six months before, the word“gonepausal”simply popped into my head one day.  Honestly I have no idea why.  Maybe I was having a meltdown over forgetting where I put my keys and finding them in the refrigerator or in the middle of not remembering who I was calling.  Poof - “gonepausal” sprung into my mind and made me laugh.  I figured it would make other women laugh also who were in the same rocking/sinking boat as I found myself in during menopause.  I turned on the computer and started writing.  “Mom, I have a blog!”

My mother was my inspiration.  She thinks I’m funny and is still in love with the first book I wrote which almost got published, called “Basic Training.”  Mom never stopped talking about how funny it was.   Then she read an article in the paper about a blogger who got a book published of her blog.  She cut it out and sent it to me, as well as mentioning it non-stop.  “Did you start a blog yet?  Did you start a blog yet?”  She had no idea what a blog was but I had to write one.  I had no idea what a blog was either and asked my teenage nephew who knew about these things.  Lou said “just go to blogger.com and follow the directions, it’s easy.”  That was easy for him to say he was 23; I’m a computer loser.  Lo and behold, it wasn’t that hard regardless of my inability to follow directions.

2. What do you want your readers to take from your writing?

The best part about writing gonepausal is hearing the response from readers.  I’m so excited when they write that they laughed out loud or can completely relate to what I’ve written.  I also get some very good advice in return.  Sometimes I get suggestions about what to blog about next. This makes me believe people are actually thinking about gonepausal in a way that helps them relate to their every day annoyances.   I love that!

I want readers to take away from gonepausal the fact that they are not alone.  The baby boomer women are really a unique generation; we are pioneers of sort.  It hasn’t been easy becoming women who believed they could have careers, be equal partners in a relationship, raise strong children and be self supporting.  And just when we have it all together along comes MENOPAUSE .  Our mothers didn’t tell us about this change of life as theirs was a generation of keeping politely secretive.  It’s time however, to talk about what’s going on with our bodies and minds..  I want my readers to laugh their way through this change and know we can unite once again and revolutionize menopause!

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