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Gail Forrest

I’m cheap, hate to shop and have anxiety about driving more than 100 miles alone.   I can’t order a $10 glass of wine without getting a small rash. The tollbooth gives me buyer’s remorse as flinging in a $1.50 reminds me of the free back roads. Shopping makes me antsy, and after 10 minutes rifling through a clothing rack I desperately run for the nearest exit with some poor sales girls running after me.

I love sports and politics, although discussing politics has become more like a duel to the death than a conversation these days.   Sports is good neutral territory and I don’t get into too many fights talking about college basketball or football, although ironically it is getting more difficult to find a man with whom to watch games. 

Is there anything that doesn’t bring me anxiety?  I love to ride horses, this is anxiety proof except when the jumps get too big. I have been aiming at them for over 38 years and still cherish every minute in the saddle. I am now an ex-runner as I feared for my knees and the possibility of developing a limp in my old age. I have switched to weights, walking and yoga.  I am very bad at yoga and more than once felt like running out of class screaming.  I love my new little rescue dog Tulip and envy her hair color and innate ability to pose for a picture.  (That's her below!)

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and my YouTube channel, Gail Forrest. Don’t, however, leave here too quickly as the women of “Great Moments in Gonepausal History” are full of surprises. Did you know June Cleaver took a young lover after she divorced Wade?  In "The Men’s Room” you can finally learn what men are really thinking about us.  It’s not so bad; it's even enlightening.  Don’t forget Gonepausal the blog, which chronicles my trials and tribulations navigating Life Part Two!