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Welcome to The Men's Room - a special place for MEN ONLY.  The Men's Room has been created as the place for men to share stories and air their grievances.  Gentlemen, this is the place to express your thoughts and feelings about the gonepausal women you know and love. But be gentle with us pausal princesses as we rant, rave, sweat, and suddenly act differently in this new phase of our lives.  I'm sure it's confounding and , at times, quite confusing.  

We hope that gonepausal has made you laugh as well as given you insight into mid-life women.  You are invited to write something and don't worry, you can remain anonymous if you prefer, just let me know.  Send your submissions to 

And don't forget to close the door behind you. 


Why is Menopause Just a Woman's Problem?

Why is menopause just a woman's problem?  Hurray for "The Men's Room" and for gonepausal.  Male midlife crisis, sexual boredom, menopause, knee replacement...if two people spend a large part of life together and actually bring children into the world why don't they share their problems?

"Oh Harry has so much stress at the office I just don't want to bother him with my life change."  "Damn, I'm having all kinds of trouble with that guy in accounting and she suddenly has become Sybil."  "Mom, I don't remember where you put the keys.  Look in the refrigerator where we found them last week."

Remember, all this comes from couples who vow to love, honor, and (chuckle) obey.  Or, worse yet, write long verses, vowing to sweetly look into each other's eyes until they die.  What are vows anyway?  The dictionary says they are a set of promises committing one to a prescribed role - usually marriage or the monastic life.  As if anyone could tell the difference between the two!

Where is sharing life's trials in all of this?  What happened to open and fearless communication?

As you can see I have no answers.  Perhaps your witty writings and opening the door to responses from both sexes will have a favorable effect on us folks farther along in life than the "Sex and the City" girls.

                                                                                                                              - anonymous in Chicago, IL

Their Turn ...

The Men's Room: "Not for Women Only"

The Men's Room: Come On In!

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