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This site started as a way to launch my blog, Gonepausal, out into the world.  Today it’s a thriving community for the Gonepausal movement and the hub for both my book, GONEPAUSAL, and my other writing.  It’s also a space where women (and men) can vent, rant, rave, and laugh out loud at all things menopause from my p.o.v.  

Some background: I noticed smack in the middle of life my girlfriends and I were becoming “testy,” a little snarky, and no longer took direction well. Our tolerance levels were dropping as fast as our hormones.  No thoughts were sacred as we blurted out tales of our diminishing sex drive and losing everything that wasn’t bolted down. We bemoaned sagging skin, pale lifeless complexions and forgetting who called who.  The word “gonepausal” popped into my head one day as I was talking on my cell phone and simultaneously frantic that I couldn’t find it.  Change was in the air!

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GONEPAUSAL, Gail's first book, is a humorous and crankily-realistic look at life with, and after, menopause. It illuminates the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the introspection and just plain craziness of Gail’s “new” life and invites women – and men – to laugh along with her.

Gail's not alone: an estimated 27 million women in the United States will be experiencing the symptoms of menopause this year.  And each of them at some point will wonder, what’s wrong with me?  One minute I’m cold, the next I’m hot.  Today I feel like I can take on the world and tomorrow I’ll feel like the world is taking over me.  I used to have a Formula One sex drive and now I am stuck in first gear. 

Gonepausal looks at this inevitable body change, reminding readers that no matter how rich or not so rich, how successful, tall or short, thin or voluptuous, it is a change that every woman will experience.
Thanks to the author, they will soon find out they haven’t gone crazy, they’ve just gonepausal!

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