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I noticed smack in the middle of life my girlfriends and I were becoming “testy,” a little snarky, and no longer took direction well. Our tolerance levels were dropping as fast as our hormones.  No thoughts were sacred as we blurted out tales of our diminishing sex drive and losing everything that wasn’t bolted down. We bemoaned sagging skin, pale lifeless complexions and forgetting who called who. 

The word “gonepausal” popped into my head one day as I was talking on my cell phone and simultaneously frantic that I couldn’t find it.  This gave me the impetus I needed to create a blog about the change that was in the air and affecting me and all of my women friends.  We were collectively in some stage of menopause much to our surprise and lack of information! I decided the only way through was laughing and started writing.

 Gonepausal is a humorous way of looking at all the crazy unexpected things that happen to a woman’s my mind and body at life’s half way mark.  I wish my doctor had mentioned it as opposed to muddling my way through this huge change totally uninformed and thinking I was going “crazy”.  I wanted a way to bring a laugh out loud take on menopause to women instead of experiencing it in isolation like our mothers.  Did they take a vow of silence?  We are a new generation and sharing this experience is the way forward.   Join me on this path.



Gail Forrest Comedy Writer Gonepausal

Gail Forrest