Writer, Comedian, Author of Gonepausal

Gail Forrest

"Funny, original, and poignant. Aging isn't for wimps, and Gail reveals some of the challenges facing women, and their partners, as they age and confront an important transition in life. The laugh out loud humor makes this a fun read."


 Gonepausal, The Book

Gonepausal, The Book, is available in trade paperback and eBook versions.

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"Hysterical, relatable and a must read for every man and woman over 50! I want to buy a copy for all my friends who I know will laugh reading this book and thinking so many of the things Gail said but were afraid to say out loud. What a clever fun read!

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Gonepausal, the book, is a collection of Gail's humorous and wry musings and observations of daily life as she has experienced them as a middle age, menopausal woman.  Whoever put the “pause” in menopause, she says, was mistaken.  There’s no pause, it’s just a new path to navigate full speed ahead.

In the book's 91 short stories, Gail takes on the topics that affect women throughout this part of their lives.  There’s dating in mid-life and beyond; the treacherous and often self-illuminating relationships with aging parents; shopping or wanting to shop and not having enough money for great new clothes and shoes as well as buying beauty products that promise youth and deliver nothing but a big price tag.

Gonepausal is for women, who will find a friend, a kindred spirit and someone who helps them to laugh.  They will find a soul sister, discovering that they aren’t alone with their cranky days, minute-by-minute mood changes, thinning (but hopefully still radiant) hair and hot flashes. And Gonepausal is also for men, who will find answers to the questions they have about the women they know and love, answers long missing.         

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