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Radio interviews prevailed as I became an “expert” on mid-life dating. Donna Cavanaugh and her show “Wicked Wednesdays” loved my tales of dating horror, although they are far funnier in the re-telling than experiencing. She keeps asking me back so she can laugh while I whine. Gina McNew and her radio venue “The Stiletto Monologues” interviewed me for three consecutive weeks about internet dating. My experiences continued to crack Gina up. I’m glad someone could laugh about them! John Banks’ “Bringing Man Out of the Cave” tried to talk me off the dating ledge but I’d have none of it. I’d already jumped into the mid-life dating abyss. The girls on the Chit Chat Café thought I must be making the dating horror stories up, but “girls you go out and date…then get back to me!”

          March 16th and May 4th - "Wicked Wednesdays" with Donna Cavanaugh

         "The Stiletto Monologues" radio broadcast with Gina McNew

          Chit Chat Cafe interview 2/11/2011

          John Banks - Bringing Man Out of the Cave

                   Show on 9/13/2010

                   Show on 1/3/2011

Radio Interviews